30 दिसंबर 2011

त्वरितर : पहला उदाहरण जैसा वादा किया था

आगे त्वरितर के उपयोग को लेकर उदाहरण देने का वादा किया था . पहला उदहारण नीचे है . यह त्वरितर के अनुभव को लिखी कहानी है .

अनुक्रमणिका कहानी के क्रम को दर्शाती है . पढने की सुविधा के लिए इसे क्रमानुसार कर दिया है . त्वरितर में यह उलटे क्रम में आएगी . 

इसमें कुछ ध्यान देने योग्य बातों पर आपका ध्यान चाहूँगा . कहानी लिखने के दौरान  और कहानी के लिखे जाने के बाद भी पढ़ने वाले पाठकों की भागीदारी पर आप विशेष ध्यान दें .  ऐसा अनूठा अनुभव शायद आपको और कहीं न मिले .

आपसे क्षमा चाहता हूँ क्योंकि कहानी हिन्दीभाषा वालों के लिए उदाहरण के लिए ली है पर कहानी आंग्लभाषा में है .

पर क्या करें आप अभी तक वहाँ नहीं है . और इसलिए आप को इसे सहना पडेगा . परन्तु ऐसी स्थिती आप ज्यादा दिन नहीं रहने देंगे . ऐसा विश्वास है . कहानी के लेखक डॉक्टर जुनैद का शुक्रगुजार हूँ उनकी सहमती से ये यहाँ बाँट रहा हूँ . 

पाठकों की सहमती नहीं ले पाया . आशा है वो बुरा नहीं मांगेंगे .

juneymb Junaid.I am thinking of doing a series of #mytwitterstory,you guys game?

1.My twitter account is two years old ,signed up, couldn't make head or tail of it,forgot about it soon enough #MyTwitterStory

2.That was until ShashiTharoor was all over the news with his tweets,that got me interested,and meanwhile I got a BB #MyTwitterStory

3. I had downloaded "fb" for BB ;that got me thinking,should have a "twitter" for BB ; and it was downloaded #MyTwitterStory

4. Twitter for BB was downloaded,and call it destiny,but I remembered the password and user name,after a year#MyTwitterStory

5. I log in after a year of signing up,I have six tweets,and four followers,and the first person I follow is ShashiTharoor#MyTwitterStory

6. I really don't understand the point of it all,but this time,am determined to figure out,and twitter for bb is fun #MyTwitterStory

7. I follow a few more people,mostly journos,beginning with@BDUTT and of course @abdullah_omar #MyTwitterStory

8. After that ,its a whole lot of journos again,I login daily in the morning,and my timeline is full of news and analysis #MyTwitterStory

9. I am more comfortable with twitter now,fb log in frequency is decreasing,and somehow I find "common" peeps here #MyTwitterStory

10. I search for Ghalib,and this handle @GhalibPoetry ,comes up #meishappy :)

11. And through @GhalibPoetry 's retweets, I found some people, who are family now,beginning with @iamrana #MyTwitterStory

12. Followed a few more people,knew what I was doing,and on a funnier note,I thought not replying to mentions was contd #MyTwitterStory

13. As I was saying,I thought not replying to mentions was a done deal,no one replied to mine :( #MyTwitterStory

14. And then, I came across the @IbneBattuta ,and #Kashmir got a new prespective ,such sharp mind #MyTwitterStory

15. Three people followed me, and who are now such dear friends ,love ya all @nad_mad ,@aaquib_ @MildlyClassic #MyTwitterStory

16. The #Shair family began expanding here,so much to learn,you guys rock #MyTwitterStory

 17. And the kindness of some people,who followed,when I had just few tweets,no judgments here @obi3e @ShaiqKhan #MyTwitterStory

18. I found this bird ,making notes to herself,valiantly defying the world @VanquishedFree #MyTwitterStory

19. And the delight! @primary_red following me! My first celeb follow :) #MyTwitterStory

20. And yes, the person whom made me realize that "celebs" talk back,and can be great friends with commoners @saima2000 #MyTwitterStory

21. Imagine my delight,when I found this @sameera22 ,filling the insomniacs timeline with beautiful poetry,musings,and fun #MyTwitterStory

22. And yes,the person I owe much of my twitter vocab to @majorlyprofound #wimmens #joo # #MyTwitterStory

22. I have had so much fun here,learnt a lot,got disappointed,met some real gems,all in all,a life changing experience #MyTwitterStory

 23. Like they said in the "matrix" ,now that I have had the pill,there is no going back,I can never undo it #MyTwitterStory

24. Did I tell you about the insomniac lawyer,who sprouts #midnightpoetry @fzlsammy #MyTwitterStory

25. And this week, twitter has been really kind,some awesome follows I got @NilimDutta @OyeMaria @ShelaRashid @Joydas#MyTwitterStory

25. And yes, I am someones fav, #meishappy @Sai_ki_bitiya#MyTwitterStory

26. And #MyTwitterStory can't be complete without mentioning some people,who always have time for me @SyedAsif93 @freeking3

27.And yes ,almost forgot, I have the dubious distinction of being blocked by KRK and Salman Rushdie #figurethatout #MyTwitterStory

28. And yes,another highlight following the @inquestioner, shook me up completely. #MyTwitterStory

29. Yes,I have had my share of Twitter crushes,falling in love with DP's,but it has been fun,and maybe all that,but later #MyTwitterStory

30. Do you know this guy, he brought living in Bombay,to my timeline @KingOfLames #MyTwitterStory

31. And though I judged people with locked accounts,this handle broke that prejudice @nikkupikku #MyTwitterStory

32. And the person who brought #bakchodi to my timeline,and made me look beyond the obvious @iYatinGupta #MyTwitterStory

33. Nothing lasts forever,but I hope #MyTwitterStory continues for some more time,so much to explore here,and I have just begun #GreatTimes

#MyTwitterStory by @juneymb talked abt being blocked. Howdoes it feel when you block somebody? #justasking

Kisi ki #mytwitterstory padhhegi kaun chhori / @shekharkapoordirect karenge kya nayi love story #tukbandi #shair @juneymb

@juneymb Read #MyTwitterStory. Very well written. Keep writing.

juneymb Junaid.
@enbee1709 #MyTwitterStory Thanks for the encouragement :)

@twi Checkout #MyTwitterStory by @juneymb makes very interesting & irresstible read. Get it Now.

juneymb Junaid.
@aptrivedi @twi #MyTwitterStory Thanks Sir :)

drbhuvnesh Bhuvnesh
Read through #MyTwitterStory He s rich in words and expressinghis thoughts. That's why I love him the most. *Hugs* @juneymb

OyeMaria Marie Gold
@juneymb reading your #MyTwitterStory .Very interesting. Wish ihad the patience to write it out too.

fzlsammy Ahmad F.
Reading @juneymb 's #MyTwitterStory

iamrana Rana Safvi
@juneymb Now I shall read #mytwitterstory.

Sai_ki_bitiya Sai ki SillySiBitiya
You gotta read @juneymb 's #mytwitterstory ... Very interesting !!

iYatinGupta Thats My Name
Okay people, follow @juneymb for his #MyTwitterStory tweets.

aaquib_ aaquib naved faruqui
A trip to the bylanes, beauty storytelling. Follow this > #mytwitterstory by @juneymb

heyMELVS Melvin Carson ✔
Blame or better say thank you to @KaizerAllen. Back in 2009, he asked me to make a twitter account.haha #mytwitterstory

aptrivedi Atul
@juneymb Thanks. I was thinking I will compile your story and put it on my blog as part of a blog post if thats not an issue with you

juneymb Junaid.
@aptrivedi Sure,go right ahead :)

aptrivedi Atul
#MyTwitterStory by @juneymb talked abt being blocked. How does it feel when you block somebody? #justasking

juneymb Junaid.
@aptrivedi It feels bad,especially when there is no valid reason,and you haven't been abusive or anything #blocked

aptrivedi Atul
@juneymb Thanks. One more thought how did you identify celebs Afterwards or when you got to know them ?

juneymb Junaid.
@aptrivedi Didn't get that?;

aptrivedi Atul
@juneymb Some celebs like sr bachchan are welknown saima nilim ones I was refering to did you knew abt them already ?

juneymb Junaid.
@aptrivedi Oh! No I didn't know them,thy are what we call "twitter celebs" ,got to know them here

aptrivedi Atul
@juneymb Oh Thanks. #TwitterCelebs Got it.

juneymb Junaid.
@aptrivedi @twi #MyTwitterStory Thanks Sir :)

juneymb Junaid.
@iYatinGupta I meant it,people need to look beyond what is stated,to get to know the real you :)

fayazshaikh fayaz
@juneymb aha! Whattay story. Same here, and more than anything, twitter has been a great learning experience!

obi3e Obie
@juneymb I am waiting for you to end this with "Then we lived happily ever after"

juneymb Junaid.
@obi3e Ha ha ha ,you are reading,it is what keeps me going :)

juneymb Junaid.
@BDUTT I am doing a series of tweets #MyTwitterStory :) and You are more than welcome!

aptrivedi Atul
Kisi ki #mytwitterstory padhhegi kaun chhori / @shekharkapoordirect karenge kya nayi love story #tukbandi #shair @juneymb

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